Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall Harvest Festival

The fall interns ran a 'FoodWhat' Harvest Festival on our farm that had hay rides, goats and more! We had a Pumpkin caving station where guests could pick out their pumpkins and carve them. There were two kids that had never carved Pumpkins before and they got to give it a shot! Jo ran a Squash tasting booth where we had two kinds of Squash to enjoy. The hay rides were really fun we took a loop around the whole farm and go to see all the great views. There was an apple pie making station where people made little mini apple pies and got to eat them afterwards. Kitt ran the apple cider press; all got to drink sweet fresh apple juice! We asked the guests to bring clothes to make scarecrows and a few high school students made a funny baby scarecrow!
Overall the harvest festival was a smash. We will go bigger and better next year!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Farm Fresh Fall

Fall is here. Tomatoes are here. Peppers galore are here. Eggplants are here. And then we take them to the Homeless Garden Project to be included in their CSA. Kitt (our fall farm manager youth intern) and I are harvesting about 50 pounds every week or so of these delicious veggies. We may be small, but our farm's no joke.