Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RIC-Santa Cruz Day

FoodWhat?! had the awesome chance to host the second day of the Rooted In Community Conference (RIC)
Here is a sldeshow of the Santa Cruz day hosted by FW.

We got to make pizzas and salads for dinner, and got pie from pie ranch for dessert!
Everyone also participated in workshops lead by FoodWhat crew and apprentices!
Maya lead tea making! Kevin did pizza making! Christy lead opening games and dough making. Esdres lead a bee workshop with John and Leon! Elyza and Tyrell did a tour of the FoodWhat Farm!
Check out the Santa Cruz Sentinal Story on the RIC event
We all had a BLAST!
~Maya & Christy

I had a good time at the Santa Cruz day. Leading the scavenger hunt was cool, I met a neat girl named Chrystal who was on my team. The bike ride was fun and the food was great. At first I thought their would be weird people but when I met them they were actually nice. I didnt realize that the day would turn out so good!
-Kevin F

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach Flats Farmers Market

These are photos from the first week of our beach flats farmers market .Doron took us to survey the stores in beach flats, where we learned that not all local stores have fresh fruits and vegetables. When we were there we got to sell our freshly picked organic fruit and vegetables, in an area with out an adequate source for fresh produce. I enjoyed helping others in the community. I cant wait to go back next week.
-kevin f.
Our market takes place Fridays 4-6pm at the community center in beach flats!
Puesto/Mercado todos Viernes 4-6!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Freewheelin' Farm

Every Thursday we go out to Freewheelin' Farm -a local 1 acre organic farm up highway 1 run by Kirstin, Darryl and Amy. We help them with their CSA harvest, any farm tasks like transplanting and weeding, we take care of the ducks and chickens, cook lunch from their veggies, and do "Straight Talk" -a check-in and evaluation process for ourselves and each other.

You can see more about Freewheelin farm at

Some thoughts from the crew about Freewheelin' Farm:

“The first day we came here we cleaned garlic for CSA bags and thinned carrots. Someone explained about different types of soil and how to know which one you have, and I knew I was really learning.”

“I’ve had a really fun time here on Freewheelin’ Farm. Planting seeds and then watching them grow and harvesting them for the CSA.”

“I have learned a lot at Freewheelin’ Farm like taking care of chickens and ducks. I have had a lot of wonderful experiences here. I learned to harvest crops and build character. We always have wonderful food here.”

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Chill Space

In the first week of the summer program we constructed our own outdoor classroom and space to chill using found pieces of redwood, drift wood, and willow branches.