Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Its Spud Season!

In the past weeks Food What has been a part of 3 'Super Spudderific Tater' harvests. The UCSC Apprenitces were kind enough to introduce us to the procedure when we assisted them with a potato harvest for their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

The second Potato harvesting adventure we embarked on took place at FreeWheelin' Farm. The 'FoodWhat' crew goes to FreeWheelin' every Thursday, to gain experience on a working farm. Their potatoes were spudtacular to say the least!

Our final potato harvest occurred in our own field(yay!), where we dug up the spuds we planted in the spring program, back in March! Today we are making fresh and healthy roasted potato wedges, Yummy!

Enriching fact: Its the year of the potato, according to the UN!
-Maya and Kitty

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