Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brower Youth Awards

From brower youth awards

We ventured to the San Francisco Opera House for the Brower Youth Awards -a night of honoring six youth leaders from all around the country who are making positive environmental and social change. The night started with a ride in the party van up to the city and an awesome, farm fresh, pesto pasta dinner that Devin prepared for us. 
At the event we learned about the Vermont Sustainability Heating Initiative that is helping schools run their heating systems on locally grown prairie grass pellets and not oil. We heard about environmental justice projects in the  Washington DC area that  are bringing communities and students together.  We learned about a youth-run non-profit that is restoring the native rain forest in Costa Rica and connecting how the global environment impacts us locally. We were also introduced to the devastation of coal mining and mountain top removal processes. We all enjoyed a sugar-rush at the dessert bar before we hopped in the party van for the ride home. It was an evening the remember.

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