Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 4: What does the soil need? What do our bodies need? -- Composting and Eating a Rainbow!

We always start with an ice breaker... this week definitely broke some ice!

From 10 Spring Week 4

Why do we compost & what goes in it?

From Food What Spring Week 2

Time to do it ourselves...add some browns, greens, manure, and water.

From Food What Spring Week 2

From Food What Spring Week 2

The Food, What? crew learn the importance of keeping our diet "colorful"! Fruits and vegetables of different colors support different parts of the body.
Red fruits and vegetables help the heart and memory. Orange and Yellow support our vision and immune system. Green fruits and veggies support our bones, teeth, vision, immune system, and the have lots of fiber! Blue and Purple foods help us with healthy aging and memory function. Brown and White fruits and veggies help our heart, immune system and lower cholesterol.

From Food What Spring Week 2

Then we ate a rainbow! (and it was tastier, healthier and more filling than skittles!)

While eating his Rice and Veggies, Andre said "I have never eaten so many colors."

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