Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 9: All about POTATOES!

The morning started with a collaborative exercise to work up a good appetite for some potato pancakes.

We're in this how can we get up?
Definitely a struggle for some.


Now a lesson in communication: Doron illustrates how difficult communication can be if you're not detailed and clear. "Tell me how to eat this banana." (Doron)
"No! Not like that." (frustrated student complained)

Success yet?

Now it's the students' turn to try it. One-way communication can be difficult when you're trying to get your partner to draw an exact replica of the drawing in front of you.

We ended the day by planting some potatoes in Food, What's new plot of land on the farm.

We laid next to the potatoes, to feel what they may be feeling and to give them strength and love to grow.

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