Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 1

We started our morning with an orientation for the summer program. Tuesday and Wednesday we work on our farm taking care of the fields and harvesting our vegetables. We also go into school gardens in the community to help with big projects. Thursdays we go to the Homeless Garden Project and Fridays we go to the Freewheelin Farm.

Abby gives out seeds to plant with our Summer intentions

Natasha and Lorraine are at the front bustin' out the wheat harvest... the crew cleared all the wheat, and also beat the record for fastest harvest ever (under 30 minutes!).

The next day, morning fog covered the field as Abby and Doron dropped the sheet to challenge our memory. Diego called out CC first.

We were presented with a group challenge: we had to get the whole group across the lava with only two steps, we finally thought to step on each others feet. *No toes were broken in the playing of this game.

Every week we take home our own harvest. Damian tries Kohlrabi for the first time and Lorraine teaches how to tie bunches together.

Malik drives in the stake for tomato trellising. We all work together to get it done.

Here we are harvesting lavender at the Homeless Garden Project

We sewed up the ends of old t-shirts to make the bags that we will use to put our CSA harvest food in. For some of us, it was our first time sewing!

Candy and Celestino are soaking up some rays while working on their bags...

We begin to harvest some carrots, parsley, and squash at the Freewheelin Farm!

Lorraine and Jose prepared a delicious and very presentable lunch for us today!

Feeling very full from that meal...

Some friendly competition before we get back to work...

"don't forget to stay hydrated!"

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