Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rooted In Community

Carina, Candy, Jazz, Abel, and Diego headed to North Carolina for a week of fun with other youth their age, to attend the Rooted In Community conference. They discussed their previous and current farm experiences, visited local farms, and attended workshops.

We stayed in the dorms at North Carolina Central University along with the other youth farmers.

"I really learned to communicate, RIC also helped me really to distinguish myself in a comfortable way, in a way I loved and a way I wasn't afraid to show. And it really taught me how to be myself" -Abel Johns

To start off our trip we attended a music workshop about food justice.
"Every one was excepting and eager to meet the others around them despite the fact that very few of us knew anyone; every one walked into RIC with open arms." -Jazz Williams

We went to a dairy farm where we went on a tour and had some icecream!

We had a picnic at Greensborough with youth from all over the U.S.! "When we were at the picnic at Greensborough some little kids started a water fighs and next thing you know every one had joined in; it was a massive water fight!!" -Carina Ramirez

"My favorite part about RIC was getting to know a lot of people from all over the country that I never thought I was going to meet! Also, doing all of those work shops taught me a lot. " -Diego Munoz
"My favorite part about RIC would be meeting everybody and building relationships with other youth who are doing the same thing we are, striving for the same goal of food justice. It helps to know that we are not alone and that we have support" -Candy Moreira

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