Friday, August 6, 2010

Yellow Wall Farm and the CSA Drop-off

On Fridays we all usually help out at the Freewheelin' farm, but
today half of us went to the Yellow Wall farm owned and run by Judy and Allen.

Allen was having dust problems on his farm and needed help spreading buckwheat seeds.
He told us that by growing a crop in a dirt area you can reduce the amount of dirt that gets kicked up or blown into the air.

While he spread out the seeds, he had us hold up tarps to prevent the seeds from growing in the area of other crops.
Half of us held up the tarp while the other half raked over the seeds to spread them out and bury them.

Once we finished seeding we headed over to the squash for a quick weeding session.

Then it was bike time!!

Our mission was to transport the produce from the Yellow Wall farm to their CSA drop off house.

CC leads the way!

Before we take off, Doron reminds us to stay in a single file line and that we
should remember who is in front and behind us.

Almost there...


Now for the ride back to the farm..

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