Thursday, October 28, 2010

Culinary Arts Crew

During Abel and CC's job they create a beautiful farm fresh taco bar lunch for a group of CASFS funders. They are the culinary arts leadership team who cook healthy lunches for Life Lab workshop participants.

Abel says, "I'm learning to clean as I go and which food to cook in what order so that I can get it all done." He adds that he's gaining "a better sense of [him]self" through his job.
When CC is asked about what he thinks his favorite part is he exclaims, "Just the people, I wouldn't be able to work without the people I work with."

As part of their Job, CC and Abel teach other teens to cook delicious meals with vegetables. They partnered with Girls' Space of the Walnut Avenue Woman's Center to make farm fresh veggie quesadillas --a FoodWhat favorite!

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