Thursday, October 28, 2010

FoodWhat Flower Business Managers

Geoleal and Diego run our flower business. Each week they harvest flowers and arrange bouquets for local businesses downtown like Cafe Delmarette, Laili Restaurant, Penny Ice Creamery, Next Space and the Gault Farm Stand.


Geoleal and Diego
"We are responsible for taking care of the flowers by making bouquets and dead heading the old ones so more can grow. I like working with the flowers and seeing them at the businesses. Cutting flowers is a stress release and making bouquets is inspiring. I always admire the finished product; it is beautiful." -Diego, FoodWhat Flower Business Manager

As part of the flower business we grew hundreds of sunflowers and sold them as a U-Pick at the UCSC Farm Harvest festival. It was fun to see little kids running around with flowers as bid as their heads!

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