Monday, November 15, 2010

Annual Harvest Festival 2010

The apple pie making station had everyone's mouth watering. Natasha and crew shoveled stewed apples onto little handmade pie crust for all the passing youth.

Many more apples were consumed at the Apple Tasting table.

Youth got to taste a few of the uncommon varieties. Tangy, crunchy, juicy wildly delicious tasting! Cameo, braeburns and jonagolds just to name a few...

Even more apples were devoured at the Cider Pressing Station. Gallons of sweet juice were poured for participants. They loved it up!

Over in the kitchen the Pizza crew worked fast and hard to pump out pizzas made to order!

Hungry customers decided on the most exciting toppings.
Eggplant? Olives? Farm Fresh Peppers? Caramelized Onions?

Intern Gabby manned the Bee Station. No one left without a Honey Tasting and some knowledge to drop on their friends. Did you know bees can dance?

Over at the Chicken Coop youth checked in on Olive and Sunshine and found out why they are so beneficial to the garden. It is a great farm because of our feathery friends.

Some chose to pick up a pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch and bring it over to the Pumpkin Carving Station to get messy and creative!

Popcorn proved popular. Many got to remove the kernels from the corn cob and make a great snack with the many seasonings.
Some as new as Lavender Salt!

Connecting Food Justice to our community, the board shows, this crew knows what's up!
Farmers Markets are the best..You dig?

Even HotDog and Banana showed up for the festival, with mustard and all.

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