Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Seven of us ventured to the Bioneers conference in Marin for 4 days of inspiring and life-changing workshops, presentations, speakers and activities.

The first day we partnered up with Veggielution, Farm Fresh Choice, the Growing Youth Project, and the Marin Youth Center for the Just Us for Food Justice pre-conference where we dialogued and artistically expressed our relationship to Healing and Traditional Foods. Then we met farmers selling at the Marin farmer's market and finished the day by cooking a delicious meal for ourselves and the cancer patients through the Ceres Project.

Here is what some of the youth had to say about the conference:
"My time spent at the 2010 Bioneers Conference is an experience I would trade with no other. The motivation and drive that everyone there had to do what was right was moving. Between Mary Gonzales' presentation and the 'Ring the Bell Campaign', I am fully motivated to organize my community. In the Socially Responsible Herbal Medicine workshop I learned a lot about the economic as well as social struggle that medicinal herbs have on the market. The Youth Unity Tent was RAD!... overall Bioneers helped me have hope for our communities and the people in them. We just have to educate and motivate!" -CC

"It was inspiring to be with so many people for the weekend that really want to change the world and make it a better place for us and out future children. There were many speeches that stood out to me and really made me think. Alec Loorz's speech mane me realize that every generation really does need a revolution. If each generation choose one thing to stand up and fight to change, within 20 or 30 years we will have a much better planet to live on. If one day we all decided to change one thing we do, it could make a huge difference. For example, after the oil spill in the San Francisco Bay in 1971, John Francis decided not to use motorized vehicles. That one simple choice led him to walk the U.S. from coast to coast and take a vow of silence for 17 years. He began to change how people thought. That's all it takes, one decision to better the earth, led to a whole movement." -Josh

At the end of each day we told stories around a camp fire and rested our tired and inspired heads at China Camp

(Top to bottom, L to R) Abel, Josh, Geoleal, Carina, Abby, CC, Jazz

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