Friday, July 30, 2010

Farm Stand at Gault Elementary School

Each Thursday during summer school we go to Gault Elementary School where we sell fresh organic vegetables and flowers bouquets to parents and teachers. It give us a good opportunity to practice our customer service, learn business skills while providing to community with fresh, nutritious, and affordable produce.

Celestino lets every one know our farm stand is open!

Carina, Geoleal, and Celestino are open for business!

In the front of school Gabby, Blaze, and Malik have started selling their produce for the day...

He looks like one very satisfied customer!

We all work together to make the sales, which requires us to know about our food, where it came from, how to prepare it, how to properly handle the money, and to make our stands look nice!

When we are finished, we pack up the vegetables and supplies we use for the day, take inventory of all the produce we sell, and do the accounting.

Friday, July 23, 2010



Four weeks in, and there is never a dull moment.

Guest Chef Irene came out to help us make Lasagna....

AND blueberry/strawberry muffins.

We had lots of fun bonding with the apprentices.
We played a game of sheets to help everyone learn each others names.

They even had a game to teach us too!

We helped out at the homeless garden project and had a bike road safety workshop.

We practiced:
- turning signals
- checking over our shoulder
- stopping with accuracy

We ended the week with some quality time at the Freewheelin Farm
We went over what we were going to harvest...

we harvested away..

and then relaxed with a fava bean pow-wow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lending A Hand...

This week we went to Costanoa High School to help them clean up their garden...

Where did every one go, these weeds are so tall?!

Almost done!

DONE! After a whole day of hard work we finally finished clearing away all of the weeds that were covering the beautiful garden beneath!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 3

We start our mornings off with some games to warm us up and get ready to harvest!

We check the board for all the farm tasks...

Look what Jazz has!

Today we are continuing our lesson about nutrition

Some of these ingredients don't look too healthy... what are we actually eating!?

So that's how many cups of sugar are in my bowl of cereal!

Lunch time!!


We're going to make planter boxes out of old pallets. We begin to sort the bad pallets from the good ones. When we are finished, we get to take them home!

Doron teaches us how to construct our boxes...

And the building begins!!

All done!!