Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ABEL is fearuted in the Santa Cruz GOOD TIMES

2010 FoodWhat participant, Abel Johns is featured in the cover story of the Santa Cruz Weekly newspaper, The Good Times, as an important local teen leader and asset to the community! And yes he is! Read the article below

Abel says in the article:
"I remember being really small and not liking vegetables very much, but maybe I didn’t like them because I never had them,” Abel says. “It’s really important that low-income families and poor neighborhoods can have easily accessible organic food.” He adds, “You do organic farming because it’s great for the soil and everything around it. I also do organic farming for my community. If people have the opportunity, they will eat better and be healthier and have a healthy state of mind. And that in itself can help you with so many different problems within your life.”

Through his involvement with Food, What?!, Abel has harvested CSA produce for families living in the low-income Beach Flats community of Santa Cruz, has become a well-trained chef and caterer, and has helped to maintain gardens in local schools. He recently represented Santa Cruz County at the Rooted in Community National Conference in North Carolina this July and at the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael this October.

For a kid who says he was so devastatingly shy that he couldn’t even talk to anyone when he first came to Santa Cruz as a seventh grader, Abel has come a long way as a proponent of food justice—and he only plans to go further. “What usually motivates me is that things make me sad at first,” he explains, “then I try to think of different ways that I can help, and then I actually start talking to people to see what I can do. Then I get into it, and I just try to do as much as I can.” Read the full article here

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