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FOOD,WHAT?! March 23, 2011

Ezequiel, Gerardo, Francisco, Tiffany, Taylon, Paulino, Kevin, Salina, Oscar, Moises, and Carlos; FoodWhat 2011 interns from P.V. high school, Costanoa, Y.E.S, and Pacific Collegiate braved ominous clouds, chill wind, and gusts of rain to attend FoodWhat on Wednesday, March 23. This week we learned to transplant, bake cornbread, make stone soup, and speak confidently in public.
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After starting the day with an ice-breaker especially suited for the blustery day, “Where the wind blows,” we went to work in the greenhouse.
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As rain, then hail, then bright sun fell upon us, we transplanted succulents, lavender, marigold, artichoke and fox-glove.

We gently loosened the potted plants, flipped them over and caught them as they fell out of their containers. Then the plants were placed into new, larger containers.
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After working in the greenhouse, we went to the kitchen to prepare the day's meal. We learned how to read recipes and how to measure ingredients in teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups. Then we identified and prepared ingredients for stone soup.

We chopped kale, high in vitamins A and C, onions and cabbage, full of Vitamin C, and Winter Squash, a source of fiber. We also made cornbread batter with honey, corn meal, and Straus farms milk.
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While the cornbread baked, and the Stone Soup boiled, we collected in the garden for a workshop on public speaking. We identified traits to emulate; like speaking clearly and standing up straight, and traits to avoid, like fidgeting and looking at our feet.

One by one, we made a short speech about our favorite food or sandwich. We practiced speaking loudly and evenly, maintaining eye contact and keeping a straight face.

The day ended in golden light; the storm clouds scattered for the evening. We spent a few minutes making our first entries in hand-bound journals, which we will use until the end of the session.
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Then we warmed up with steaming-hot Stone Soup with crumbly, delicious, golden cornbread.

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