Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 4: Growing Healthy Plants and People

As usual, we began the day with a energizing group-building game. We had to figure out how to keep us all safe on our "life rafts" with limited numbers of hands and feet touching the raft...

2 feet, 2 hands.......3 feet, 2 hands .... We're safe on our raft!

We then continued to the greenhouse for a lesson on propagation and seed sowing. Baby plants have similar needs as humans - heat, air, light, water. We start seeds in a greenhouse to help protect and nurture them while they are small. A greenhouse also allows us to start seeds before the outside ground enabling us to have food earlier.

Today we are sowing sunflowers and spinach.

RULE OF THUMB FOR PLANTING SEEDS: plant a seed two times as deep as the seed is long

EAT A RAINBOW: We then learned about how different colored fruits and vegetables help different parts of our bodies. For example, RED fruits and vegetables tend to help our hearts and memory function. YELLOW and ORANGE fruits and vegetables help out vision and strengthen our immune systems.

We ended the day by eating a rainbow: Veggie Fried Rice with beets, carrots, broccoli, purple cabbage, onions and garlic... MMM DEELISH!

Most everyone said it tasted better than they expected. "Who knew that healthy food can taste good?"

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bespoke conservatories said...

"Who knew that healthy food can taste good?" - not my kids that for sure=) Glad to know you had a successful event.