Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BLAST!! : Week 3

From left: 1) Kayla Kropp uses an electric drill to assemble planter boxes at the Teen Center.
2) Thairie Ritchie and Angel Chisholm ready to double dig flower beds. 3) Sam Gouveia and Jacques Jackson help one another out with construction.

Every Wednesday the FoodWhat crew participates in a BLAST! A BLAST is an activity in which the FoodWhat crew visits a local school or youth organization and helps them along in developing their own organic garden. The crew builds gardens from scratch or restore existing, dilapidated ones that just need some love and care. During these BLASTS the FoodWhat crew share their knowledge and skills with the community and help others produce
their own food.

Last Wednesday, the crew went out to the Santa Cruz Teen Center located at the Louden Nelson Community Center. The Teen Center is a safe recreational space for teens to study, eat, and hang out. There is even an alternative high school that holds classes there! The directors at the Teen Center thought a garden would be a useful learning tool, so they called up FoodWhat?! for some help.

The team rolled up, ready to work. The task was to construct three, 8 x 4 foot planter boxes, so they carefully drilled the planks together, filled them with soil, and installed irrigation hoses. They worked like a team of professionals and got the job done with ease. Now whenever they pass the Teen Center, they can get a glimpse at their work and realize their tangible impact on the community.

Last week's BLAST was at Natural Bridges High School. The garden there was overgrown with weeds and needed some serious work, so the FoodWhat crew stepped in and cleared those beds! To show their gratitude, students at Natural Bridges High School prepared veggie burritos for the crew, with vegetables picked right out of the garden.

The finished product! Quality work from the FoodWhat crew.

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