Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rooted in Community Regional Youth Summit!

Morning ice breakers!

On July 16th, the FoodWhat?! crew invited 100 teens to the farm for the Rooted in Community Regional Youth Summit to unite and educate fellow youth in the food justice movement. Teens traveled from surrounding areas, representing many youth organizations who are all about FOOD: how its grown, where it comes from, and the power young people have to change our food systems for the better.

We met some cool folks from the Growing Youth Project in Alameda, Farm Fresh Choice and Berkeley Youth Alternatives of Berkeley, FRESH Crew from Hayward, Pie Ranch of San Fran and Pescadero, Veggielution of San Jose, and Jovenes Sanos of Watsonville. The FoodWhat team learned a lot from these other organizations so make sure to check them out! The CASFS Apprentices on the farm also worked with us all day, leading workshops and sharing knowledge with all the participants.

From top left, counter-clockwise: 1) FoodWhat leader, Abby Bell and Irma Patino help wash up after the big pizza picnic. 2) FoodWhat member, Salvador, meets a fellow youth in the food justice movement. 3) Abel Johns, all smiles, eating pizza. 4) Cloth squares with commitments to food justice written by the teens. The pieces will soon be sewn into a quilt! 5) FoodWhat boys measure how much sugar is in energy drinks during a workshop.

This Rooted in Community Regional Youth Summit--aka Youth Day--was all about teens coming together and realizing their capacity to make change in the food justice movement. Youth Day proved that there are a lot of passionate teens who are not afraid to speak up about these issues and make positive change in their communities. It was really awesome for the teens, from diverse backgrounds and communities, make connections and exchange ideas.

The day opened with a welcoming introduction and ice breaker games to get the teens mingling. A few FoodWhat crew members stepped up and taught the newcomers all about FoodWhat's mission and role in the community. FoodWhat members practiced their leadership skills by leading groups in many workshops and activities. Workshops included goat cheese making, terrarium building, candle making, ice cream creations, fast food jeopardy, and more!

We also spent the day making farm fresh pizzas together from scratch, culminating in a giant pizza and pie picnic at the end of the day. We spread out colorful blankets under the pear trees and dug into the delicious pizza the youth made. There were endless slices for all and pies brought by Pie Ranch. The day was a huge success with the help and partnership of the CASFS Farm Apprentices and all the teens who are down with the food justice movement.

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Christof Bernau said...

To all of the Food What?! crew and all of the youth who came to Santa Cruz: your work, your growth, your commitments and the power of a different future inspire me every day. Big thanks... from Christof Bernau