Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 August Photo-of-the-Month

August 2011. Kayla, Jacques, and Angel offer reflections upon successful completion of their 8-week summer job with FoodWhat.

"I changed a lot since I’ve been with foodwhat this summer. It’s been a good place for me to be working then on the streets running a muck. I’ve changed my behavior a lot. Now I honestly know that the right thing to do in my life is work, stay positive, look up to a positive person, and do what’s right for me." (Angel, age 16)

"I’ve learned how to be a leader, flip a compost, trellis tomatoes, plant corn and beans together effectively, irrigate a crop, cultivate crops, how to be more professional, how to do well when applying for a job, and how to be a better person, and make better life and health choices. I am more confident and I have more knowledge and skills." (Jacques, age 17)

"I have successfully worked a regular hour workday. I wasn’t absent one day. I’ve learned how to speak to people professionally and really gained confidence in what I am capable of doing.
I have learned how to be a hard worker and how what I put into my body affects it more than I think. I have grown in ways that are hard to describe. For a while I was really unsure of everything I did or said. Now I’m more comfortable with myself." (Kayla, age 18)

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