Thursday, September 15, 2011

SC Youth Food Bill of Rights!

In July, four FoodWhat youth went to Philadelphia for the Rooted in Community Youth Leadership Summit (RIC). While at the conference, the 150 youth participants from all over the nation gathered together, asked all of the adult mentors to leave the space, and then created the Youth Food Bill of Rights: 19 points demanding what youth believe our food system should look like. Read more and participate at

Kayla and Mason returned to FoodWhat after their experience at the RIC conference and brought this work back to Santa Cruz. They led us in a workshop where we created the Santa Cruz Youth Food Bill of Rights:


  • This document was produced by youth from Watsonville to Santa Cruz in August of 2011. 
  • These are the 10 goals that we are calling for to make our community a healthy place to grow up in. 
  • WE THE YOUTH who created this are all a part of “Food, What?!” – a youth empowerment and food justice project.  We invite you to partner with us to realize these goals.

1. The removal of genetically modified food from being produced on Santa Cruz County farms, or sold in local stores
2. The elimination of pesticides and other chemicals poisoning our land, farmers, and consumers
3. An increase of local and sustainably raised foods
4. Our local farmers and farm laborers to be paid more and treated with respect
5. Fast food to not be cheaper than healthy food—that’s unfair and more poor people eat fast food because it’s cheaper
6. Giving thanks to the earth—it’s not our world…we’re just borrowing this land and we shouldn’t abuse it
7. More education for our community about their food choices—about what they eat
8. The creation of more community gardens—more places where all people can grow their own food
9. The creation of more healthy food grocery stores in Watsonville and Live Oak to increase accessibility and availability to healthy food for all
10. More programs like FoodWhat to teach about sustainability, activism, healthy lifestyles, food awareness and nutrition—and a FoodWhat program for 3rd-5th graders to get this while their young

WE THE YOUTH want to know when we eat food, no one is being mistreated and the earth isn’t being harmed and we’re not harming ourselves.  We want food justice for all.

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