Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Two at "Food, What?!"

It's Week Two at FoodWhat! 

This week we met under a tent and kept dry from the morning rain. The group began with an ice breaker called Toe-to-Toe, where we learned fun facts about each other. Now we know what kind of pet everyone would want to be!

After the ice breaker, we started the process of making salves from the herbs we collected the previous week! We broke up the herbs into tiny pieces, added olive oil and vitamin E oil to the herbs and double-boiled the mixture for approximately forty-five minutes. 

While the salve mixture was boiling, everyone went to the one of the green houses to learn about "potting up," which involves moving young plants into bigger pots to give their roots room to grow and for more nutrient uptake. After group leader Doron explained the process and the importance of labeling young plants, we got plenty of practice ourselves!

After transferring the plants, we gathered to finish making the salve and decorated our own salve containers! Then Doron led the group in a game of Fast Food Jeopardy! The Jeopardy categories included Sanitation, Health, Nutrition, Money, and Farming. This interactive game taught students important food facts such as the benefits of eating healthy and the harmful effects fast food has on our bodies and our environment.

Lunch time! With our heads full of knowledge and our stomachs growling, we headed to the beautiful outdoor kitchen to make veggie quesadillas! Everyone helped chop up the chard, carrots, cabbage, and other delicious veggies fresh from the farm. 

After we finished eating our tasty lunch, we each took turns sharing our triumphs from this productive day! Many students were proud of the hard work they had done and the group effort that went into making the delectable quesadillas. Overall it has been a fun and successful week!

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