Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 7 at Food What?!

Week 7 at FoodWhat began with a lesson in composting. We learned learned that to grow healthy plants, we need healthy soil.  In order to produce a healthy compost pile, we layered greens (such as food scraps or cover crops), browns (like straw and wood chips), air, water, and manure, which micro- organisms turn into new soil.

Marcela, Brandon, and the rest of the FoodWhat Crew hopped right in and built two new compost piles!  The piles were dubbed "Smelly Swag" and "Marie".

We then migrated to the shade of the canopy, where Doron gave a presentation on the ins and outs of getting (and keeping) a job.  We discussed applying for a job, tips for interviewing well, language and communication in the work place, practiced calling in late or sick, shared our own personal stories, and reflected on the benefits of calendars and time management. 

After practicing some difference scenarios of appropriate work place communication, we headed to the kitchen to whip up some long anticipated veggie omelets.  Everyone plucked some choice leaves of rainbow chard from the garden and the crew set to work chopping and scrambling eggs, broccoli, chard, garlic, and Monterey Jack cheese. 

Conner was clearly enjoying learning some new cooking skills...who says omelets are only for breakfast?!

We finished off the day with triumphs.  The FoodWhat Crew were also invited to apply for the summer job, which if selected will allow them to delve further into the world of job training, empowerment and food justice.  The youth then received the sunflower seeds they had planted several weeks back, which have since sprouted and begun to grow! Finally, several members of the crew received achievement certificates for having perfect attendance during the first half of the program; Sindy, Marcela, and Conner were among those awarded!

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