Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week Six at "FoodWhat?!"

Sunshine at last!

                   We started off Week 6 here at FoodWhat with a great game called "Look Up, Look Down" before taking advantage of the beautiful weather and prepping farm beds for planting!

                  Working hard in the sunshine, we learned all the steps it takes to properly prepare the plant beds for a rewarding yield. We used specific methods called skimming and forking to remove the cover crops and loosen the soil. Then we mixed in organic compost, leveled the bed by raking, and planted seeds to successfully transform two full beds into a great environment for growing healthy plants!

Chris and Xavier planting lettuce and cilantro 
seeds in the newly prepped beds!

              What is a Food System?
 Next, Doron explained the process that food undergoes from the farm to our plates, in a workshop about food systems. In two groups we used teamwork to place cards representing different stages of the food system in their logical order. Afterwards, everyone participated in a little play that allowed us to explore the energy and resources involved in different kinds of food systems!

                  After a long day of hard work, it's time sushi time! (Right) Krystal seasons the sushi rice while everyone else slices fresh veggies, yam and tofu to put in their rolls.


We wrapped up the day eating our delicious sushi, spending time reflecting in our journals, and sharing our triumphs of the successful week!

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