Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week Five at FoodWhat?!

We started out a stormy and chilly week here at "FoodWhat?!" by learning about how whole wheat flour is produced.  We worked together to "thresh", "winnow", and grind wheat that we grew last season.

After grinding the wheat into flour, we then mixed it with yeast, salt, and water, turning the flour into dough for pretzels later that afternoon.

After leaving the dough to raise in a warm place, we gathered with Abby to learn background story behind the grains that most of us consume on a daily basis.  Abby explained how white bread differs from whole wheat bread in that the wheat used to produce white bread has been stripped of all its nutrients.  By contrast, whole wheat bread contains protein, fiber, vitamins, and oils.  In order to further illustrate the differences, Abby pulled out some boxes of some common grained foods including cereal, granola bars, and mac and cheese. We were all pretty surprised by the lack of whole grains in the ingredients.

We then decided it was time to shelter ourselves from the chilly spring afternoon and we migrated to the greenhouses to transplant young leeks and mix up some a new soil mix for propagation.  Connor, Brandon, and Deonte worked with Doron to produce a light and airy mix of new soil.

Meanwhile, the rest of the youth worked with Abby to replant 3-5 leaks per cell in each flat. 
Just as it started to rain we headed to the kitchen to work on crafting pretzels out of our home made dough.  After shaping pretzels into traditional, and not-so-traditional shapes, Abby boiled them in hot water with baking soda, and then popped them in the clay oven to bake.  

We finished off the day with writing in journals, our day's triumphs, and with full stomachs and smiles all around. 

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