Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week Four at "Food, What?!"

Week Four here at Food, What?!

We kicked off week four with an icebreaker called "Common Ground" to get us all warmed up for the day! Afterward, we headed off to the kitchen to prep our end of the day meal of fresh cornbread and soup before our busy day.

In the kitchen, Cindy and Leslie mix together a recipe for delicious homemade corn bread while the others chop up a rainbow of colorful veggies from the garden.

Violet dices fresh red cabbage and greens (right) as Edgar and Javier stir in and heat up the ingredients for the savory soup! After prepping the food for later, it's time to finish potting up in the green house! 

After the green house, Doron led everyone in a public speaking workshop. We discussed the characteristics of good public speaking and then each took turns practicing by sharing with the group how to make our favorite sandwich! We ended the day sharing our triumphs of the week and snacking on our fantastic veggie soup and fresh homemade cornbread!

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