Friday, March 23, 2012

Week Three at "FoodWhat?!"

It's week three of the spring program here at FoodWhat?!
We began this week with a group bonding game called “All Aboard”. After dividing into groups of three and four, Doron gave the youth requirements of how many hands and feet must remain on the card board “island” at once.  This produced some pretty impressive collaboration, contorting, and smiles all around!

 Next we learned some of the ins and outs a common grain: rice!  Abby explained how brown rice is less processed than white rice and therefore is still full of crucial vitamins that white rice lacks. We proceeded to use the standard ratio of 2 cups water to 1 cup rice to cook up some brown rice for our meal later on. 

While the rice simmered away, we gathered in the warmth of the greenhouse to learn about seed propagation. We learned why some plants, like root crops, grow better outdoors, while a greenhouse provides a controlled environment and protection for other seedlings to grow more quickly. We then got to plant our own sunflower seedlings making sure to plant two seeds twice as deep as the seed is long.  


 Afterwards we grabbed spades and headed to the apple trees in order to “skim” the weeds growing around the Jonagold trees. 

When we were finished skimming and weeding, Abby lead us in an awesome nutrition workshop called “Eat a Rainbow”!  We learned the importance of consuming a range of colors in order to get the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients from our food.  For example, red foods are good for the brain and heart while green foods are great for our digestive tracks, teeth and bones.

By this point the brown rice was ready so we gathered in the kitchen to chop a rainbow of veggies to fry up with the rice.  We all worked together to chop up and sauté chard, carrots, onions, broccoli and many more vegetables found on the farm.  The fried rice turned out to be delicious! 


We concluded the day by writing letters to ourselves that will be opened at the end of the program. Abby handed out our weekly journals and everyone shared their weeks triumphs.  Between the fieldwork, planting seeds and weeding, the cooking, and the new nutritional knowledge, everybody had put in a hard day’s work! 

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