Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 11 at Food What?!

We started out the second-to-last week at FoodWhat?! with the human-knot ice breaker. Everyone stood in a circle facing each other and grabbed the hands of two other crew members across from them.  We then twisted and contorted in order to untangle without letting go, making it back into a circle.  If it sounds was.  The crew took a couple tries but finally came out de-knotted!  (In our financial literacy workshop later, we used the tension of being tangled as a metaphor for debt, and our final success and liberation from the knot, as a metaphor for budgeting.)

Next order of business was planting potatoes and sunflowers.  We forked the bed, added compost, raked it flat, dug trenches, and planted our potato seeds (which are halved potatoes).

With the potatoes in, we planted sunflowers and gave them a nice deep watering.

After finishing in the field we headed to the kitchen to start working on our meal.  Sundara, Kalyani, Emily and Esther did a great job chopping some pretty amazing looking Chioggia beets.

At the same time Jose and Maria chopped onions and parsley while Carlos zested lemons!

Abby then taught us how to fold phyllo dough and we combined feta, kale, lemon zest, greens, parsley and onion to make a delicious filling.

While the spanakopita was baking along with the beets, we engaged in a workshop on "financial literacy".  We learned about not spending more money than we earn or have, discussed how to best budget our money to save for short and long term goals, and chatted about debt and our futures. We practiced making a budget by listing our average monthly spending and earnings and figured out how much money we would need to save on a monthly basis in order to reach our financial goals.

Finally we gathered around the kitchen table and dug into a delicious meal of baked beets and spanakopita while sharing our successes from the day.

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