Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 8 at Food What?!

Week 8 at FoodWhat?!

We began week 8 with a trust exercise called "Lighthouse." In pairs of two, each person was guided through a maze of pots, blindfolded using only their partner's words for guidance.

After our warmup, everyone got in three groups and finished building layers on the compost piles from last week while Doron interviewed individuals for the summer job.

Doron interviewing Damien for the summer job here at FoodWhat?!

As the interviews continued, the crew planted onions! Sarah (above) placed onion seedlings in evenly spaced out rows while Gage and the others (below) followed closely behind planting seedlings.

The Media--Are You Getting Played?

Following the planting and compost work, Doron directed a workshop on the Media to bring awareness to contemporary advertising techniques and stereotypes. With a handful of real advertisements to examine, everyone participated in breaking down methods companies use in advertising to target consumers--especially youth.

Finally it's time for food!

After a long morning of hard work and great discussion, it's time to make veggie tacos! Dave and Gage mixed masa, salt, and hot water to make the corn tortillas while everyone else chopped up veggies to cook. With beans, rice, tortillas, and a stir fry of veggies all cooked up, we each made our own personalized tacos! It was definitely a delicious way to end a solid day.

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