Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 9 at FoodWhat?!

It's Week 9 at FoodWhat?!

                For the icebreaker this week here at FoodWhat, Doron told a story, and each time he said the word "potato," everyone had to try and grab the finger of their neighbor! Practicing our reflexes got us warmed up for the field work today. First we planted a bed of pepper plants that will be used in the salsa for next year. Next we prepared two new beds by loosening the soil, adding compost, and mixing it in. While Doron finished interviewing students for the upcoming summer job, the rest of us planted dragon beans and green beans in the freshly prepped beds!

Violet and Steve planting the young pepper plants!

Chris gathering compost for the bed prep.
(Right) Cindy raking the bed nice and flat.

Edgar planting seeds.

              After a lot of hard work in the fields, it's workshop time! The workshop was called "What you think, what you drink--Youth Dollar Power."  We brainstormed the effects sugar has on our bodies, learned how to read a nutrition label, and then using a teaspoon for measuring, we were able to learn how many grams of processed sugar exist in the most popular youth drinks such as Arizona, Monster, and sodas. It's visually striking to see by volume how much of the most popular drinks are straight sugar.  We discussed all the names for sugar you might find on an ingredient label.  Then we taste tested some affordable, accessible alternatives.  The punch line came when Doron asked how many of the youth vote.  While most youth did not raise their hands, Doron offered an alternative.  "Each one of you vote every day.  Every time you spend a dollar you are voting--you are using your power.  What do you want to be voting for?  As for drinks, what do you want to be voting for in your body?"  It him home.

For our end of the day cooking, we made potato pancakes! After grating the potatoes, and mixing them in with fresh farm eggs and other ingredients to make them stick, they're ready for the pan!

We ended this productive day sharing "triumphs" while munching 
on the pancakes with ketchup and homemade salsa!

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