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Doron, Abby and the FoodWhat Crew

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50 Teens Successfully Complete 12-week FoodWhat Spring Internship!

Their journey started with clearing cover crops and digging beds. The farm was the foundation for learning how to work hard.  Valuable job skills from showing up on time to good communication became their regular mode of operation. Youth who had never spoken in front of a group practiced public speaking.  Teens who were likely to just take their check and spend it learned about budgeting and financial literacy.  Each week the crew was introduced to a healthy meal that they cooked and served to each other.  Diets changed.  More vegetables were consumed than before and confidence in the kitchen was instilled through practice.  Each group built a strong team and a safe space to be themselves.

During this final week, they were asked what their personal "triumphs" were for the internship. Gaelen said his triumph was
"getting to know where food comes from."  Sundara said it was "really satisfying to look at (the farm) now and see a bunch of crops growing."  Jose's triumph "was showing up every week."

Emilee, (pictured above) shared: "I’m glad I got to know you guys.  You wouldn’t normally think you would see all of us together judging by stereotypical things these days but I’m really glad we pulled together and made our own little group.  That has definetaly helped me open to other peoples."

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