Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 12 at FoodWhat?!

It's the final week of FoodWhat!!

 Using our skills acquired over the last eleven weeks, we spent the morning of our final week turning a bed of soil into a beautiful row of broccoli plants! Everyone loosened the soil with pitch forks while Edgar followed behind depositing rich compost into the ground. (Below) Cindy and Steven planting the little broccoli plants!

As usual, it's time for a workshop with Doron after the fieldwork!

Doron led us in an incredibly useful workshop about building work resumes. First, we discussed the importance of having a resume followed by reviewing an example provided by Doron. This led us into a discussion of what qualities make a good resume. We then started building our own resumes and worked to include our internships at "FoodWhat?!" This workshop gave us useful insight and set us up for success in our future!

With our new resumes in hand, it's time to get started in the kitchen. In celebration of the last week, we made special personal pizzas packed with veggies and cheese!

We concluded our last day munching pizza, distributing our new FoodWhat?! T-shirts, and checking out our new cookbook filled with photographs and every recipe we used throughout the 12 weeks!

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