Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farm Stands

As all of our hard work in the fields pays off and provides us with tons of produce each week, we’ll be setting up farm stands and selling our veggies at Gault Elementary School every Thursday for the rest of our summer with FoodWhat!

Having fresh, affordable produce available at an elementary school makes it easier for busy parents to provide healthy meals for their families. The easier shopping healthy is for parents, the more likely the young ones in the family will start eating healthy at an early age. We also gave away cookbooks with healthy and easy recipes inside to inspire and encourage children to cook with their veggies!


Abby taught us that the best tables look full and as colorful as rainbows. This gave our crew a little artistic room for design. With two farm stands on the school’s campus, our produce was looking vibrant and parents couldn’t resist the smell of fresh basil.


The stands were such a hit that the cabbage, basil, and cilantro sold out fast with the rest of the produce not far behind! Luckily the FoodWhat crew will be back next week to keep providing families with easy access to healthy and affordable food!

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