Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week Six at FoodWhat?!

Peach Partay! at the Farmers Market FoodShed Project

Every first Wednesday of the month FoodWhat takes part in the FoodShed Project! Held at the downtown Santa Cruz farmers market, this series of workshops brings local businesses and the vendors of the farmers market together to shed some light upon history and food justice. These festive workshops highlight seasonal foods, the hard work put into providing the food, and even how to prepare the food! The workshops include free, public talks and demonstrations meant to entertain as well as educate. This month’s workshops: a Peach Partay featuring the Penney Ice Creamery and Frog Hallow Farm!

If you’re in Santa Cruz come out to support this amazing partnership! See the schedule here for a list of topics. If you’re interested in bringing more community involvement to your local market, check out the Foodshed Project’s hunts that we have used:
Stone Fruit Scavenger Hunt questions we used and the Livestock Lowdown questions.

Kayla, Josh, and Jaque (our junior staff) come out every month to help with the workshops and to lead a scavenger hunt around the market. After Nicki introduced the day’s workshop, Jaque and Josh got a chance to introduce themselves as part of the FoodWhat crew and let them know a little bit about what we do!

The speaker for Frog Hallow Farm let the audience know all about what it takes to grow delicious peaches and how their farm ensures sweet fruit every season. He even brought in peach tree branches to pass around! Afterward, speakers for the Penney Ice Creamery stepped up to talk about the history of ice cream and how they make ice cream within their own beloved shop. During the demo, Josh and Jaque passed out mini ice cream making kits to everyone in the audience!


As they learned about how ice cream is made, the audience was shakin’ away to make their very own little bags of ice cream to enjoy throughout the workshop. Tawn from People Power (local bike empowerment organization) was in the audience learning a bunch from the workshop and supporting his FoodWhat friends!


To finish the workshop off, the audience enjoyed some freshly grilled peaches topped with a scoop of basil ice cream. With such a large group, Josh and Jaque had a lot of scooping to do! Nellie and the folks from the Penny Ice Creamery passed out the desserts to everyone in the audience to enjoy.


With the workshop over, it was time for a scavenger hunt! Questions about peaches were displayed throughout the market to quiz scavenger hunt participants.

 Jaque and Josh led the team around the market to find the questions. As a group, they guessed the answers to the questions and discussed the significance and details behind each answer. As the group discussed everything they needed to know about peaches, they wrote the answers on their question sheets.


This fun way of learning about peaches did not go unrewarded! Those who completed the scavenger hunt were given a generous prize: more ice cream!

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