Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 October Photo of the Month

October 6th -- FoodWhat Benefit Dinner
Thank you to all of our amazing guests who helped make this the most successful benefit event we've ever had.  Together we raised $32,000 to support FoodWhat and our youth, and shared in a delicious, inspiring, and nourishing evening.

October 17th -- FoodWhat Harvest Festival
As you can see, these are the tough decisions we posed to over 200 middle and high school students from across Santa Cruz County.  (She chose the Delicata squash over the Red Kuri and Carnival varieties in case you were wondering.)

October 25th -- Guess Who Came to Lunch?!
...Michael Pollan!  

Deonte (pictured above with white apron) and Crystal made lunch for Michael Pollan and friends who came to check out FoodWhat, Life Lab, and the UCSC Farm and Garden.  When we got to the FoodWhat Field, I spoke for a few minutes then passed the mic to the youth.
Vicky (black t-shirt) told a very personal story about justice and punctuated it with: "I'm only 18 and 
(on the farm at FoodWhat) I've already been shown respect. My Mom has been on this earth for thirty-six years and never had a day of respect in her life (as a field worker on a farm in Watsonville)."
Deonte shared about his time at FoodWhat and said "Now I feel very confident in myself and as a chef."  Michael Pollan asked him how he got so confident as a chef and Deonte responded..."Well, from cooking here at FoodWhat, and from Abby...and...well...from watching a lot of cooking shows!" 

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