Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Food, What?!" May Photo-of-the-Month


The Photo-of-the-Month is our monthly transmission to share one highlight, moment, or story, to offer you connection to the experiences we share at “Food, What?!”.

Doron, Abby, Alex, and the FoodWhat Crew

It's Friday...and these are the faces of the 60 Santa Cruz County Youth who have just successfully completed the FoodWhat Spring Internship.

They have been here for 3 hours each week for the past 3 months. Each week:

  • opening ice-breaker 
  • one hour of organic farming
  • one hour of leadership development workshop
  • one hour of cooking and eating a healthy, farm fresh meal
  • closing with "triumphs" (something that we are each proud of ourselves for from the day)
Here are a few quotes from their final triumphs:
"I eat healthier at my house now and I’m proud of myself for working hard and being here everyday."--Phoenix

"My triumph is actually coming, because as I’ve said before I usually quit everything. This is one of the first things I haven’t quit."--Sarah

"At first my attendance at school, I didn’t have it good.  I would show up every now and then.  Since FoodWhat I’ve been showing up to school more and coming here on time.  I’m really glad for everything that’s happened here.  I’ve become a better person inside.  I have greater leadership. I feel more comfortable around people now."--Luis

"I can use this experience on  my resume."--Adrian + Jose

 "After all the (FoodWhat empowerment) workshops I started doing better in school and trying harder because I realized I SHOULD be trying harder--that this is a big part of my life that I’m skipping, or trying to skip out on, but I could be working much harder than I was—and I am now."--Chloe

"Growing as a person and being more comfortable with myself and learning how to talk more and being more social with people. Also being on time this whole entire time—most of the weeks I needed to come here I felt completely out of it and not wanting to come but I just pushed through and made it."--Eddy

(To see tons of juicy photos and read more about what we did each week in the Spring Internship, you can go to our blog here.)

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