Monday, May 13, 2013

Week Eight at "Food, What?!"

A game of "lighthouse" kicked off the eighth week on the Food What farm. We teamed up with someone we trusted and pulled out the blindfolds. With the obstacle course before us, we led our partner safely through using only verbal directions as guidance. Success! Everybody made it through.

Then it was time to hit the fields. We planted leeks and sweet pepper seedlings ready to thrive. Soon after the seedlings were taken care of we planted summer squash seeds into the ground. We ended up with rows upon rows of little plants and newly-planted seeds promising tons of veggies for summer!  


Then it was workshop time! This week was all about writing resumes, which is sure to come in handy as we start applying for summer jobs. Doron gave us specific examples of what to include ranging from education and work experience to awards and volunteering. He even taught us how to use sophisticated wording to make our resumes even more impressive and professional.

Then it was veggie pesto pasta time! We got to choppin' onions, kale, and carrots to saute for some extra color in our meal as the pasta boiled on the stove top. When the pasta and the veggies were nice and soft, we mixed in pesto made with the basil grown by FoodWhat's summer crew! We mixed it all together and enjoyed. Our delicious meal ended as we shared our triumphs with the rest of the crew and called it a day.


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