Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week Six at "Food, What?!"

Week six started off with a memory and attention game. We divided into two lines facing each other and studied the person in front of us, trying to remember every little detail about the way they looked. One line turned around and other other side quickly made changes to their clothing- tucked in a shirt, untied their shoes, turned around a hat- to see if the other team would notice. Each round got trickier as we got more creative with how to sneakily change our appearances to fool the opposing team.

After the game we made our way to the kitchen! Some folks jumped on making corn bread while others got right to chopping up veggies for Stone soup. Mixing up the batter, we were a little surprised to find that corn bread actually has corn kernels in it! We harvested fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme to give our soup an extra kick and tossed all of our colorful vegetables in the pot to stew while we did our farm work.


We made our way over to the field to skim beds, dig the rows, and add compost to the soil. After the rows were cleared we planted carrots, beets, and cilantro. All of the hard work the crew is putting into clearing the beds will ensure a bountiful season of veggies!



With the farm work finished, it was time to get down to business. This week's workshop was not only about how to get a job, but also how to keep it! Doron discussed the valuable details of applying for a job that could make or break the opportunity ranging from the cleanliness of an application to communication when handing it in. He gave us some tips for interviewing and stressed the importance of arriving on time. We then talked about communication with employers and how reliable attendance goes a long way. We even practiced the best way to tell a boss if we won't be able to make it to a shift. After all of this talk about jobs, Doron told us about an opportunity right at our fingertips: the Food What summer job! He told us what it's all about and encouraged us to fill out an application.

 Just as we finished up the workshop, the Stone soup was smelling delicious and the corn bread muffins were looking golden and delicious. We served bowls of the colorful soup and enjoyed it oven-fresh muffins (and the kernels tasted pretty good!). Before we left for the day, Doron passed out Food What Summer Job applications to take home and fill out.


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