Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week Seven at "Food, What?!"

Week seven at FoodWhat was potato week! Before getting into potato business, we warmed up with a game of "Look Up, Look Down." We stood in a circle looking down and when we looked up, we stared directly at one person within the circle. If that person was staring back at us, we switched places.

We headed over to the fields and learned about how potatoes grow. Roots and shoots sprout out of a potato "eye"and then that one original little potato piece continues to grow into more and more potatoes as we layer soil over them. We dug deep trenches and planted the pieces of potatoes into the ground to start the process.


Meanwhile, Doron pulled people aside to interview them for the FoodWhat Summer job! With the interviewing tips we learned in last week's workshop, everyone was well prepared for their interview.  For many of our crew this was their first job interview in their life.

Then we turned out attention to our beds growing cilantro, beets, spinach, peas, and carrots. We worked hard to weed the beds and paid close attention making sure not to pull out any of our baby seedlings!

Then it was time for a workshop on food systems. Doron helped us trace the journey of our food through a few different food systems--buying food directly from a farmer at a farmers' market; the path of a strawberry in January from South America to the grocery store; and a local strawberry going through all the steps to become a pop tart.  We used cards to map out the order of the process our food goes through before it gets to our tables and how this long process effects the environment, the nutrition of our food, and farmers' earnings. After being grown by the farmer, transported huge distances, packaged, transported again, stored, and finally sold, our produce can be worn out and our small local farmers are struggling to make a decent living! This workshop directly showed us the importance of buying fresh, local produce when possible, especially from farmer's markets.


After the workshop we headed over to the kitchen where we got started on making latkas! First, we harvested fresh onion to chop up into our savory potato pancakes. We shredded the potatoes, mixing in eggs and whole wheat flour to make our batter. Shaping the potato mixture was difficult but we mastered it in no time to serve up delicious, golden latkas for lunch. After enjoying our lunch, we discussed our many triumphs and called it a day!



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