Monday, May 27, 2013

Week Ten at "Food, What?!"

After nine weeks of field work and delicious food, we've finally come to the tenth week! This means only one more week left of our FoodWhat internship!

With that motivational push in mind, we jumped into the tenth week eager and ready to go, kicking the day off with a game of  "Human Knot" where we linked together, tangled ourselves up, and faced the challenge of twisting and turning our way out of the mess. After the game, we hit the kitchen to prep our greek-style lunch: spanikopita! We chopped up our veggies and sauteed them until they were soft. Then Abby showed us how to handle phylo dough, a very thin dough that will become the flakey crust of our spanikopita. We gently laid the sheets of dough out and coated them with olive oil to make them sticky and keep them moist. We plopped a hefty amount of veggies onto the dough and flag-folded them into triangular pockets of veggies. We put the spanikopita into the oven and headed out to the fields to work as they baked.   

In the fields, we dug the paths within the beds and finished it off by sowing seeds. After today's work, we can expect a lot of corn, squash, and beans this summer!

With the fields taken care of, we headed inside to our weekly workshop with Farmer D. Knowing that keeping track of money can be a little tough for most, Farmer D set us up with a workshop on budgeting and money management. This workshop came at a perfect time as we await receiving our FoodWhat paychecks next week! We talked about avoiding debt and budgeting for long term and short term goals through taking a good look at our expenses and income.

As we wrapped up our workshop, the spanikopita was ready to come out of the oven! We ended the day munching on these delicious treats and sharing our triumphs of the day.

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