Monday, June 3, 2013

Week Eleven at "Food, What?!"

The final week of the the 2013 Spring internship has arrived! 
After eleven amazing weeks grubbing on delicious meals and busting it in the fields, the last week is finally here! To end of the season, we spent the day in traditional FoodWhat fashion, but with a celebratory pizza party. We kicked the day off with Farm Olympics, including a three-legged race and a wheelbarrow race.

After the game, we headed straight to the kitchen to get our pizza party started. We chopped onions, summer squash, and freshly-harvested chard to add some flavor to our pies. We worked our muscles mixing the dough ingredients, kneading the mixture, and rolling it into individual loafs to rise. For a refreshing treat, we blended up some strawberry agua fresca! 


As we waited for the dough to rise, we headed to the fields to do the last of the Spring fieldwork. We sowed carrot and beet seeds for a hefty supply of colorful veggies in the summer!

We headed over to the circle bench to find some special guests waiting for us: Max and Jasmine! These FoodWhat Alumni (Jasmine from 2010 and Max from 2011) returned to the farm to present a very informative and important workshop about college. Our current FoodWhat intern, Manuel, joined them to share his knowledge as well. Between these three students, we gained a lot of insight about college life ranging from finances and study habits to the exciting social life. Max, Jasmine, and Manuel each shared that meeting new people at college has opened them up to new opportunities and ways of thinking. They stressed the endless possibilities of studying a subject your genuinely love or care about and the financial aid available to do so.  

 Just as the workshop ended, our dough had risen and was ready to be stretched into pizza crust! We laid out the spread of toppings (which included organic chicken sausage!) and got working on our pizzas: stretching out individual crusts and personalizing them with our favorite veggies. After we finished creating our pizzas, we sent them over to Farmer D to bake in the cob oven!


At the end of the day, we had our big closing. Abby passed out rad "Food, What?!" t-shirts and cookbooks with all of the recipes we used this Spring, complete with photos of every single intern. Farmer D passed out Perfect Attendance Awards to those who diligently came to the farm every single week without fail. Now, we can include this award on our resumes to impress potential employers and prove how dependable we are! Alex explained the FoodWhat Alumni Association: now that we completed the Spring internship, we are part of a network of 300 other youth who have gone through the program. This means we can always go to FoodWhat for help with college or jobs and join in on FoodWhat reunions (like Dig Day). "Food, What?! Alumni" wristbands sealed the deal, making us part of the club.

We finished the day off with triumphs as usual, but this week we did it a little different: instead of reflecting on the day, we reflected on our eleven weeks at FoodWhat. We shared our triumphs of coming out of our comfort zones to speak in front of a group or being open to making new friends. We learned more about farming, food systems, nutrition and cooking. We tried new things and made it to the farm even when it was difficult. We completed an eleven week contract meaning we followed through with a promise and a goal.

Congratulations to all of the Spring 2013 Interns!

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