Thursday, August 8, 2013

Live Earth Farm

On Fridays FoodWhat rolls out to Live Earth Farm in Watsonville. This 75-acre farm grows a huge variety of fruits and vegetables for markets and CSAs and also hosts educational field trips.

Today we circled up to talk about the plan of attack for the day, then immediately hit the fields to work.  The first task was to plant dino kale - and a lot of it! We worked hard in the field focusing on how far apart to plant the seedlings and getting the whole field planted.


Edgar, Cy’Rae, Estephanie, and Rayna peeled off to pick blackberries. They learned the difference between an unripe berry, a berry picked at by birds, and a ripe berry to ensure a top-notch harvest to sell at the markets. The crew was encouraged to taste them to know what a tasty berry looks like.


Meanwhile, the lunch crew was busy in the kitchen. Every week, two people join Deonte, one of our junior staff, in the kitchen to prepare lunch. This gives everybody the chance to learn how to cook the delicious food they work to grow every day. Today our chefs worked hard to make enough veggie quesadillas, rice, and salad for the whole crew!

Back in the fields, we worked on irrigation systems, laying long pipes in the fields of kale we just planted. We also headed into the fields of peppers to clear out the weeds in the beds.

After all of this work, the lunch crew laid out a spread of beautiful quesadillas, rice, and salad with multiple types of dressing. After the morning’s work, some lunch and time to relax hit the spot.


Well-rested and fed, we hit the fields again to weed beds of kale, being careful not to pull out any plants that attract beneficial insects.

We finished the day off harvesting dozens of bunches of basil. We neatly bundled them to be market-ready and after filling crate after crate, the smell of fresh basil filled the air.


Today included a particularly great end to the day because every two weeks it's pay day! We collected our checks for our hard work in the past weeks and called it a day.

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