Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Chef: Kirstin Comerchero

FoodWhat understands the need for youth to be exposed to professionals in order to start the process of mind mapping and idealizing their future careers. Because our program is about farming, food, and nutrition we often pull in local chefs (from many of the top Santa Cruz restaurants) to cook a meal with our youth and talk with them about their jobs.

Each Wednesday of the Summer Program, the FoodWhat youth were joined by Kirstin Comerchero to cook an incredible farm fresh meal and learn a few tricks of the trade. Kirstin - a local farmer and cook - specializes in local, seasonal cuisine with a cultural twist and she led our crew in cooking up unique and delicious food each week!

This past week, we made breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, and of course, tons of our own veggies! We also made a roasted tomatillo salsa, potatoes, and an amazing strawberry and kale smoothie.

Thank you Kirstin for hanging with us all summer! We had a blast - and it tasted good too!

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