Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bioneers through Luis' eyes!

Cy'rae, Sammie, Eddie, FoodWhat Associate Director Alex Carelli, Luis,
FoodWhat Farm & Program Manager Abby Bell, and FoodWhat Alumni Max Tejada
Hey what’s up Food What!? Luis Rodriguez here hoping that you’re all doing great. I want to help spread the word about Bioneers. So to start us off, we all left from Santa Cruz with Abby, Alex, Cy’rae, Eddie, Sammie, and myself to a workshop in Sebastopol called the Just Us For Food Justice. This day brought together youth food justice groups from the Bay Area to talk about the work they are doing and learn about new skills, then work together on a Participatory Action Research Project, food justice based art, and cook with the Ceres Project.

Next was the three-day Bioneers Conference in San Rafael. It had so many inspiring talks from past Brower Youth Award winners, environmental, and social justice leaders who spoke about social justice and environmental problems as well as solutions. All of them did something that would benefit the environment. It also included some amazing performances from poets and musicians. There were workshops in the afternoon on a variety of issues to show people new ideas and help them connect with the earth. Two workshops that I chose were Leading Edges of Design for a Sustainable world and Poetry Slam. I learned about designs that can support a six-story building with its electricity from the one and only sun. That’s pretty awesome right? Well it get’s better, it also has a compostable toilet on the sixth floor of the building! Phew, now let’s get on with poetry slam. Boy oh boy, that was something that really got my attention. I didn’t realize how much more powerful we youth are. We already know a lot of negatives in our environment, so how about focusing on the positives? A majority of the youth spoke strong words to do more than what we’re told, to step up and do rather than speak about our environment.

In the end I had an amazing experience and continue to help spread the word about food justice. One of my new goals is to see the world change little by little so my family and friends can have a better future and life.

                                                                                                ~Luis Rodriguez

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