Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Internship 2014: Week One

It's that time of year again: Spring! We're really excited that the Spring Internship program has started, and we've got 50 new youth joining us from all over Santa Cruz County!

We started off the first day with introductions and an icebreaker (which consisted of tossing a piece of citrus at one another and trying to remember each other's names). Afterwards, Doron and Abby gave a tour of the farm. During the tour, we learned about some of the crops we grow on the farm, and collected various medicinal plants, such as plantain and lavender, for next week (the youth will use the plants they collected in order to learn how to make a salve).

After the tour, we all sat down together, and participated in an activity where we were invited to discuss what we value most in life through putting our "most important word" on the board. We also brainstormed a big list of how we want to work together as a team.  Then we dove into our contracts looking at the expectations of us in this job, and then what FoodWhat offers in return. After everybody was on board, and the contracts were signed, it was time to grab some shovels and forks for some garden work! This week, we busted out flipping some compost piles.  Doron and Abby were very impressed with how quickly we got the work done!

We ended the day FoodWhat style, with making pumpkin muffins and strawberry smoothies, and reflecting on our triumphs for the day.

A successful FoodWhat first week!

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