Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FoodSpeaks Radio Show on Building Community through Food!

Another fresh and local episode of FoodSpeaks...voices in the Santa Cruz food movement. This week, Doron's guest on the show was Kendra Baker--part of the dynamic duo with Zach Davis--that has brought our community Penny Ice Creamery, The Picnic Basket, and now Assembly and Pop Up.  Doron and Kendra dove into a rich conversation with Kendra sharing her own culinary and entrepreneurial path toward these local endeavors, social justice issues their businesses address, local economic development, and of course, how they build community through food!  Click the green "play" button below to hear this juicy interview!

Kendra Baker of The Penny Ice Creamery and Assembly
Doron Comerchero of "Food,What?!"



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