Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 5

This week we started the day off by playing an icebreaker called, "Pass the Egg". We each had a spoon and had to pass an egg around the circle, from spoon to spoon, without dropping it... while being timed! (We did have to give a moment of silence to a fallen egg). After some practice, we got the egg around the circle in under 30 seconds!

After our fun icebreaker, we headed down to the farm to do some planting. We were split into four teams: one team planted tomatoes and basil, the second team planted beans and kale, the third planted potatoes, and the fourth team planted Alyssum flowers, which attract beneficial insects to keep the farm healthy and balanced.

Next, we headed to the chicken coup to collect eggs for the omelets we were going to make later on in the kitchen.


After collecting eggs, Doron led us through a workshop called "How To Get A Job and Keep A Job". We started by checking out the job application for the Boardwalk. We dug into a conversation about best practices on how to apply and interview for a job.  We went through real scenarios of past FoodWhat youth and talked about our own attempts in going for jobs.  Then we practiced calling our bosses and leaving messages--Doron gave each one of us a scenario to act out and we had to call him to say we were going to be late, or miss a day, or had a family emergency, and so on.  We wrapped up talking about how to keep our schedule so we never miss a day of work or show up late.  At the end we discussed cursing and tricks to "flip the switch" off from any cursing while on the job.  This workshop laid it all out.

After the workshop, Abby took us to the kitchen and we began preparing our omelets. We diced up veggies, like broccoli, chard, and green garlic, grated up some cheese, cracked open the eggs and scrambled them up in bowls. Once we finished prepping, we cooked up the veggies in a pan. We then poured our eggs in a couple other pans and let them cook into fluffy omelets. We stuffed in some veggies and cheese and voila, Yummy!

Doron then talked to us about applying for the FoodWhat Summer Job. There are 20 positions to be hired out of the 50+ youth currently in the Spring Internship.  We will be paid $9/hour and work for about two months, Tues-Fri from 9am-3pm.  The focus on the Summer Job is PROFESSIONALISM.  We will be farming, cooking, engaging in leadership workshops, tackling food justice projects in the community and growing food for our families.  At each step of the way we will be learning critical job skills and boosting our leadership.  By the end of the summer we will have made $1280 and built a tool kit of job skills to succeed in any job in the future.  He encouraged us to apply if we were interested and to fill out the application by next week to then do an interview.

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