Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 6

We started with an ice breaker called "Common Ground". The objective was to find similarities or common interests with others in the group.  Everyone stood in a circle with one person in the middle.  The person in the middle would say something about his or herself, or pick a suggestion card from the basket.  For example, if the person standing in the middle loves to farm, they could say "I share common ground with those who love farming." Anyone who loves farming would have to switch spots with someone else who also loves farming.  The person whose left in the middle then becomes the next person to share a statement.

 This week, we planted broccoli, green beans, dragon's tongue bean, kale, and chard!  

Once we finished planting the various crops, it was time for a public speaking workshop.  We discussed the difference between good and bad public speaking (what to do and not to do), and everyone took turns practicing their public speaking by telling us how to make their favorite sandwich.

After the workshop, we made potato latkes with apple salsa! YUM

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