Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Internship: Week 7

We started off this wonderful week with a fun icebreaker called, "The Lighthouse." The object of the game is to travel through a maze of obstacles without hitting anything in your path. What made it interesting was that we had to do it blindfolded! Our partners guided us through the maze giving us only verbal instructions (they could not touch us or physically guide us). The goal of this activity was both to practice giving clear instructions, and to trust and carefully listen to our partners.

It rained this week so it was too wet to do any farming in the field. Instead, we stayed under protected shelter of the greenhouse and transplanted plants into bigger pots. We packed soil in the pots, took a plant from one of their beds, dug a small hole in the soil, and embedded the plant into the soil.

Follow the Taco
The workshop this week was called "Follow Your Taco". By comparing a Taco Bell taco to one that we make at FoodWhat, we learned about different aspects of a conventional food system and a more local organic one. We learned that the tomatoes, meat, and corn that are used in one taco from Taco Bell had to travel about 5,800 miles! We also learned how our food is shipped, the conditions of these products when they are shipped, and how much money the farmers actually make from selling these products. For example, tomatoes are under-ripe when they're shipped, and then halfway through their travel get sprayed with a chemical that makes them turn red quicker. The corn is chemically altered to grow bigger and faster, and the cows are forced to live together in close proximity, making living conditions unbearable and disgusting for them. Then we calculated how far a FoodWhat taco travels from the farm to our plates, and found it only travels 340 miles, compared to 5,800. I'll take a FoodWhat taco over a Taco Bell taco any day!

Angelique, Jahlil, Frankie, and Gianna pretend to be Cow living in a CAFO (concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)

Vicky (photo on rt), FoodWhat alum, came back to teach this workshop

So what did we cook this week?? 
...TACOS of course! Delicious, fresh, and non-chemically altered tacos. We homemade tortillas from organic masa. We cut up delicious fresh veggies from the farm, grated up some cheese, made our own re-fried beans from beans we grew, added some seasoned rice, and topped everything off with some preserved homemade salsa made from FoodWhat-grown tomatoes and peppersThey were SO GOOD! I wish I could eat them every day. 

As usual, we ended the day with Triumphs. It was another exciting and fun-filled week at FoodWhat. What will next week bring us?

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