Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dig Day

Last week we had Dig Day, our Annual Alumni Event! We started off Dig Day in FoodWhat style - with farming! Some of us did some skimming, while others forked. As we farmed, we got to catch up with old friends and meet alumni from different FoodWhat years. It barely felt like work at all!

While people were skimming, forking and catching up, we had a team on smoothies. But we didn't use any old electric blender - we used people power! We connected our blender to a stationary bike and each time our smoothie crew pushed on the pedals, the blades inside spun, blending bananas, strawberries and almond butter together to create one delicious drink. It was oh so good.

After some farming, everyone gathered in a circle so we could all introduce ourselves to the people we hadn't met before. We got into groups by the year we were involved with FoodWhat and shared our names, a little about ourselves, and what we're currently up to.

Once we finished introductions, we played Elbow to Elbow, a game in which you and a partner had to be touching each other (elbow to elbow, knee to knee, etc.) and both answer a question given to you (like if you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?). After both answering a question, you had to find a different partner and do the same thing with different body parts and new questions.

Following our Elbow to Elbow game, we played a friendly game of Rock-Paper-Scissors (with a little twist). Everyone grabbed a partner and played one round of the game (or until there was a clear winner). The person that lost the round had to act as the winner's hype man and attract other winners, so that those winners could compete against each other. The process kept going until there were only two people still left in the game and everyone else was cheering for them. These last two winners competed until only one remained, which became the ultimate winner. The game was really fun and got the energy going!

After a bit more farming, Doron took us to the canopy and we did an evaluation. The evaluation centered around the FoodWhat program, mostly pertaining to things that have made FoodWhat so great over the past few years and what things should be added or taken away to make the program better.

Then it was lunch time! The tacos we cooked up were SO yummy. While we ate, we did some more catching up with people we hadn't seen in a while and got to know some new folks.

To end the day, we took a FoodWhat Dig Day 2014 group photo. Dig Day was a huge success!!!

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